We help for the rich selection of corporate event like theme of Award Ceremony followed by High quality Dinner, Picnic, Office parties, Retirement Parties, CEO and executive retreats, Family Gathering, Team building Events and Games, Seminars, Entertaining Events. Get Corporate Event food preparation tutoring, etiquette guidance and hosting solutions. Event catering tips and dinner preparation guide. Fine dining guide includes table setting instructions, drinks selection and serving techniques and Entertainment Evening Management.


with this Era of Rvolution Planning a property launch is much needed vision  with stetegy,Planning,creativity,ideas,and final ly execution . We assure you the Best in this knowledge with presentation Our client can host events wherein they invite people who have won contests and competitions held by them. Or then they host an exclusive party for their select loyal customers i, we assist and manage the entire event for flowless presentation.




Nowadays the preferred ways of launching products is through interactive events. Our client can host events wherein they invite people who have won contests and competitions held by them. Or then they host an exclusive party for their select loyal customers in order to showcase their new range. This is something done by automobile companies amongst others.The launch of the product can be varied of the kinds of the products


For every business to flourish, through the year they need to be a part of various business related events. These are primarily the exhibitions and trade fairs. These are held either at a local, national or then global level. These are extremely important forums to create further awareness within the industry, as well as amongst other consumers. Thus there are trade fairs and exhibitions that are in the ranking of business-to-business, as well as business-to-consumer.

And to make exhibition and trade fair more interesting for the buyers we have different concepts for it in which event runs simultaneously along with the trade fair and exhibition timings. in which we manage the events like open quiz, Interactive games for the audience, Dance or live music event etc.


One of the most important aspects of event managements is promoting and marketing the event. And advertising as a tool cannot be under estimated in event marketing & event promotion. Almost every event, except for the private parties and events have keep aside a budget to cover advertising costs. And those involved in event marketing & event promotion need to first analyze what type of media would reach their target audience.


Out Door Branding

Everyday throughout India, smart marketers have an opportunity to connect with consumers in a powerful, direct and effective ways; Shilpagya makes this connection possible reaching people where they work, live and play.



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In the present day and age, professionally handled events seem to be the call of the day. And this is the way most parents are opting to celebrate their child’s birthday. Since it is a once-a-year occasion, most are prepared to spend extra bucks on giving their child a celebration to remember. For this they approach managers and organizers, who are also into children’s events.

Event planning management for children’s events is more often than never theme based. Apart from the birthday parties there are the festive parties such as Christmas, Diwali, Children’s Day, etc. the list also includes special camps during vacations.

We also provide theme decoration according to the requirement of client. We have wide range of theme ideas and if requirement says more than we have we are always happy to have more satisfaction from client side. Include your child in the choice. Talk about what interests them the most and what would be fun. For instance, in the middle of summer it's a great idea to have a Beach Party. If your daughter is into fairies in a big way, a Fairy Party is easy and fun to organize. The month of October easily lends itself to a Halloween or Spooky Party. We also help you for the different aspect of theme party such as birthday party games, birthday invitations, party decorations, cool birthday cake design, and just about everything you can think of to have the best birthday party theme ever!

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The best way to organize parties is by deciding on a certain theme. It is very easy to decide a theme for your party. You can pick up a Colour, a combination of colors, animals, different lifestyles, different religion or any era for that matter. We have covered some of the most popular theme party ideas that have been in demand for various occasions. You will find step-by-step approach to some of the most in demand theme parties in the contemporary world. Enjoyed by kids and adults alike, these theme parties are a great way to unwind and relax with family and friends.

Kids love to attend theme parties and parents just can't get enough of decorating them up like their favorite theme. Organizing theme parties for children isn't all that difficult especially when you have decided on a theme. All you need to do now is contact us

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One of the most important platforms for fashion designers to showcase their work is the fashion shows. Today, not only are Paris and Milan important fashion centers, but the list also includes India on the global fashion map. These shows are not meant for the day-to-day consumers, so to speak, but are used as marketing and launch platforms. In fact, any designer with his or her own label, launch each new season with a show. They hire the top ranking fashion models that walk the ramp in their range of clothes. Buyers and sellers form the larger section of the audience. Apart from the designers, textiles designers, and other players in the industry also showcase their line of products at such events and shows. These are then relayed on various television channels for the general public. Here “Shilpayga Events” helps you to choose theme idea for the fashion show appropriate models, venue, light and sound, DJ from selection which is accomplished by theme idea for event to end with.

We are also in the Training and promotion part of the Fashion events. Now a day at collages and different educational institute, Club Members and corporate clients also host the Fashion Events to promote new talent, so one stop solution for your Fashion Events starting from selection, Training, Appearance, and Promotion we are here to help you.


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We have Team of choreographers for the Dance and Ramp shows. We have choreographed for Celebs appearance, National level Fashion Shows, Dance competitions, Reality Shows, School/Collage/University Annual Function, Dance Workshops, Sangeet Sandhya etc. We give you that personal one-on-one service you deserve, and will work with you to groom you and design your function based on your ideas and personal preferences, from selecting the type of theme Dance you require to style the Event.

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Celebrities from varied walks of life are assets for any event. This is because the general public trends to get attracted to any event that is supported by celebrities, especially film stars and cricketers. In India, cricketers and actors hold a very important place in the life of all their fans, no matter who and what strata of society. “Shilpagya” can also manage celebrity approach in your event to make it more star studded. It is also according to budget allocation of your event. Typically we manage artist varied from T.V serials, Modeling field, Bollywood stars, Singers, Musicians, Writers, and Speakers etc.


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We offer Theme décor and complete Stage Decoration Services to satisfy your various types of needs. We are well equipped with all the necessary equipments; lighting and sound resources that are required for eye-catching venue & stage decoration. We offer highest quality stage decorating services that are much better quality. We ensures that we create the latest new modern stage decor & breathe taking scene that will commit to everyone's memory.

The theme of the wedding should be showcased at the home décor also. Home decor is one of the most important aspects of a wedding celebration today as most of the ceremonies are held at home mainly the pre wedding ceremonies like puja or mehendi or a small sangeet or tilak ceremony. Home decoration can vary depending on the theme of the wedding. According to the theme the home can be decorated.If the theme is of a traditional and ethnic wedding than the décor should have colors, which are very Indian like orange, red, maroon or bandhni drapes along with gold and zari tissue surrounding the entire living area. The same theme can be used on to the entrance and the lobby of the building. Flower theme is also a very good option to choose, as flowers look beautiful. Fresh flowers like roses, orchids, carnations, marigold, gerberas, etc. can give a very unconventional look to the usual décor. If somebody wants to give a western look than that can be given by using colors, which are light like pastel shades, mauve, peach or sea blue and pink used with silver and fresh flowers like carnations, baby roses or lilies. Cost of the theme decor for a wedding depends on the total area to be decorated and the use of various accessories and flowers. There should be arrangements for car parking and the function should be held indoor to avoid rain and other problems. If it is held on an open area than it should be covered properly with an additional tarpaulin cover. The venue should be located in such a place that it is easier for everyone to commute.


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