Wedding & Family Events

To stay in trend and to value relationship of family we are here to help you with events.

Family reunion:-

Which includes dinner/ reception, extended gathering, special occasions, and long week ends. Can be planed.

Pre wedding parties:-

We are here with celebrate engagement, bridal shower, spa days etc in a new tone with dance parties, celebs appearance, rocking band night, or some thing very special your own family performances with new concept and idea, and many more can happen to celebrate this event coz there shouldn’t be barriers for the choice….


All wedding events like sangeet sandhya, Lagna geet, Mehndi function,and many more events in Gujarati, Punjabi, Rajasthani or Bollywood style.


In according to the couples requirements family gathering or private parties can be arranged for them on the occasion like milestone anniversaries ( 25th , 50th ) and all this depending on themes and requirements.

Baby shower:-

Its trend in India as well as Indians living out side India to celebrate the baby shower to welcome new comer in the house, with all traditional events we are also with new trend added over it with theme decor in house or theme party out side such events also gives new flavor to life as well as helps to celebrate happiness with family and friends.